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    We have been in this business for the past 15 years in a row and are very familiar with all of the changes, rules and regulations and we competently choose the correct lender for your situation.

    This is what goes on in the mortgage industry: lenders will make mortgage loans and will then sell them as a package of loans to a servicer who will collect your monthly payments. Not every lender sells every loan, but making loans and selling them  is a business model that many lenders follow. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac FHA and VA all have guidelines that lenders have to follow in order to fund your loan. However, it is common for lenders to have their "own" guidelines on top of those guidelines. The reason for this is to protect the lender that sold the loan from ever having to buy back a loan that was audited after the sale. That is the big fear, having to buy back loans. This is the main reason for the amount of documentation that is needed today.

    We know these guidelines and the lenders guidelines as well. The bottom line is that not all lenders are the same, even though they all do "FHA" or "Fannie Mae" loans. One lender may do something that another will not.

    What all of this means to you is that you need to work with someone who will competently get your loan to the correct lender so that it will close. Experience and skill are vital. Having more than one lender to choose from is also vital. We use over a dozen lenders so that we can choose the correct one for your situation. Every loan is different. On your own, you might have to try one lender and if it did not go through, start over with another etc. With us, you apply once. We do the work. If for some reason your loan had to be sent to another lender, we already have your information and we send it. We save you time by understanding the industry, the guidelines and the knowledge of each lender.

    We are the exact same people that you will be dealing with from beginning to end. We do not farm you out to another to be taken care of. We are easy to reach. We respond to your communications. We are in a cute stand alone building with easy parking where you are welcome to com in anytime.

    We can assist you for all your mortgage needs. 
Owner occupied, 2nd home, investment properties and also Commercial loans.

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